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Kitchen Deep Cleaning | Kitchen Extract Cleaning | Duct Cleaning
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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Kitchen extraction systems can pose a serious fire hazard – filters simply cannot eliminate all the vaporised grease that commercial cooking causes. These greasy residues then condense and build up on the canopy plenum, duct and fan surfaces, more importantly it is essential to clean the ansul fire supression sytem so that these nosils do not become inoperable when required. A dirty supply or extract system particularly a Kitchen Extract is a definite fire or dust explosion risk. Once set alight the ductwork acts as a huge chimney and fire spreads rapidly. This hazard is compounded if the fire dampers built in the system are inoperable through gross contamination and neglect. 

Legal Requirements

Health & Safety at work regulations and the Fire Regulations require that those responsible for the workplace must carry out a risk assessment of the grease extraction systems and act upon the results of the risk assessment to eliminate or at the very least minimise the ‘Risk of Fire'

Ocean can supply a comprehensive Kitchen Hygiene cleaning program that keeps up with your individual ongoing requirements to minimise this risk.
Insurers are demanding that deep cleaning should be carried out in accordance with the Building & Engineering Service Standard TR19 and only contractors who can comply with this specification should be retained.
Table 1: Frequency of Cleaning - Insurance

Heavy Use

12-16 hours per day

3 monthly

Moderate Use

6-12 hours per day

6 monthly

Light Use

2-6 hours per day

12 monthly


Ocean Industrial Cleaning, as members of the Building & Engineering Services Association carry out all deep cleaning services in accordance with this specification.


Clean Air Filters ensure:

• Optimum working efficiency of ventilation system
• Minimal migration of dust down ductwork
• A reduction in energy costs
• Lower insurance premiums
• Clean and pleasant working environments for staff


Keeping these filters clean is essential in keeping up with the workplace (Health safety & welfare) regulations act 1992.  This is achieved via regular cleaning intervals, our surveyors can assist you with a schedule suitable for your system requirements. Even when properly maintained, commercial kitchen extract filters do need to be regularly replaced. We can supply and fit new mesh and baffle type grease filters for your kitchen canopy. 


Following each extract clean, Ocean Industrial Cleaning will provide the client with a Hygiene Certificate for the client to display on site and if required the information regarding the cleaning specification, risk assessment, method statements and COSHH details.  Ocean also provide a post clean report detailing potential risks, Ductwork Deposit Thickness test (DTT) results and Photographic evidence of the cleaning carried out during our maintanence program.






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